I’m Cute!


One of my recent findz waz dah talking mouth (shown as DinkieMouf). You simply add dah mouf, match it to yer fur and dat’s it! You start talking and dah mouf moves! You can amaze yer friendz and dey all gonna want one! Available at Wee Wonders

Wee Wonders_001

It’s through magic of scripting by a talented cat named Veloce and generosity of dah store owner; Jesa, everything in dah store iz free, although donations “are” gladly accepted. Dah store carriez an array of goodiez strictly for Dinkies such as: ….well, see for yourselvez….. cuz az they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

WW shop1_001

WW shop_001

WW shop 2_001

All dah products are Dinkie tested and so much fun to uze.

Imagine, zipping down dah roadz in yer own Mini! Not only iz it eazy to drive, but if you click on it, you can change dah color of dah body, wheelz, interior and dah stripez! Oh dah possibilitiez! Just remember, you needz to be on land where you can rez dah car. Dat’s eazy. Dere are lots of places to drive vehiclez in SL!


If dah Mini izn’t yer style, why not try dah old fashioned Horseless Carriage?


Or, you can drive it with dah roof off, when dah weader iz sunny!

Unicycle1_001 If yer style iz a wearable, den how about a Unicycle? It attaches! Just turn yer AO off and you are set to zoom around dah sims of SL.


I’m off to find more adventures to share!

Meow for now,


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