I’m Cute!


One of my recent findz waz dah talking mouth (shown as DinkieMouf). You simply add dah mouf, match it to yer fur and dat’s it! You start talking and dah mouf moves! You can amaze yer friendz and dey all gonna want one! Available at Wee Wonders

Wee Wonders_001

It’s through magic of scripting by a talented cat named Veloce and generosity of dah store owner; Jesa, everything in dah store iz free, although donations “are” gladly accepted. Dah store carriez an array of goodiez strictly for Dinkies such as: ….well, see for yourselvez….. cuz az they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

WW shop1_001

WW shop_001

WW shop 2_001

All dah products are Dinkie tested and so much fun to uze.

Imagine, zipping down dah roadz in yer own Mini! Not only iz it eazy to drive, but if you click on it, you can change dah color of dah body, wheelz, interior and dah stripez! Oh dah possibilitiez! Just remember, you needz to be on land where you can rez dah car. Dat’s eazy. Dere are lots of places to drive vehiclez in SL!


If dah Mini izn’t yer style, why not try dah old fashioned Horseless Carriage?


Or, you can drive it with dah roof off, when dah weader iz sunny!

Unicycle1_001 If yer style iz a wearable, den how about a Unicycle? It attaches! Just turn yer AO off and you are set to zoom around dah sims of SL.


I’m off to find more adventures to share!

Meow for now,


Welcome to my Page!

Thanks for joining me on my journey! I am a small cat in the virtual world of Second Life. Follow my travels in SL with great places to shop and sights to see!

Tiny Rainbows

So much information and things to share! First of all, you are probably wondering, how you too can achieve such a level of adorable! Well, you need to join Second Life. You can do that, here: Second Life .  Once you’ve learned your way around,  you’ll want to stop here: Dinkies @ Tiny.INC . While there, you can choose from small critters such as a cat or a bunny.  I chose to be cat because….well…..it’s a cat!

As you can see, I am not content with just being a cat. Oh, no! That would never do. Just like in real life (known as RL), everyone has their own sense of style. Well, those of us in SL, who choose to be critters, are no different. We’re not happy until those unsuspecting hoomans called “Biggies” see how each of us express ourselves. Because Dinkies can use humanoid sits and dance animations, we’re truly not limited. Granted, our clothing is limited within reason, but even then, as long as hair can be shrunk, anything is fair game! 

There are talented hair creators who expressly design hair for Dinkies, but many hair stores make “unrigged” mesh hair. Dinkies have to use unrigged as it needs to be edited to be resized. (always keep a backup copy) I will be covering how to modify hair in another post. Prim or flexi hair is another option and often times comes with a resize script. Depending on the hairstyle, depends on how much editing needs to be done. 

As far as clothes, there are many designers who make clothes exclusively for Dinkies ranging from casual to formal, hats to shoes. The talent is incredible and there are a few ways to track down such delightful attire:

Inworld Search, allows you to teleport to your location of choice.

Marketplace This is SL’s version of online shopping. Clothes range from free to various price ranges depending on creator and product. Items can be purchased either by Lindens which is the SL currency or via a debit or credit card on file.

Group gifts: Often creators will make a group notifying people of their product and often will have gifts as a way of saying thank you.

Lucky Letter chairs. These are found in some stores and if the first letter of your SL name is on the chair, you can sit and claim and the item is yours. 

Accessories: If it shrinks or is already small, then it’s an accessory! The sky is the limit and you’re limited by a few factors. If things are heavily scripted, they cause lag and people do not appreciate lag hags. How much scripting is used can be found within SL and far more complicated than this little cat cares to worry over. Some human or child size items can be accessories too, as long as they are small enough or can be shrunk down. Again, shopping for accessories is through inworld searching or Marketplace. During my journey I will include landmarks of favorite places.

So that’s my welcome! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

Meow for now,